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    In this day and age, it is necessary to be on top of all our finances, to be able to plan for our financial goals and to be able to build in efficiencies in our expenses and savings. Long-term financial planning involves complex calculations and it is difficult to predict and monitor. The financial calculators available today are able to perform only simple calculations at best. The only option left is to be dependent on expensive Financial Advisors for one's long-term planning.

    MoneyAadhaar will enable creation of a financially sound life for individuals. It gives an approach where the focus is on individual financial planning - planning for one's LIFE GOALS. It will empower you to plan your personal financial goals quickly and independently. It will provide a direction for a better control on finances today and preparation for a stronger financial health tomorrow.

    MoneyAadhaar prides itself on creating the best complex personal finance calculators for you.

    Our Offerings
    Based on a deep knowledge of people's financial needs, MoneyAadhaar offers a wide range of sophisticated, well designed, stellar quality and highly reliable online calculators for everyday finance; at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Complex calculations are made easy in calculators for Personal finance, Loans, Public Provident Fund (India) and more. Our tools do not require any of your account numbers.

    MoneyAadhaar provides the most complete and compelling financial calculators for you. Register with us and get complete control of calculating your personal finance all by yourself!

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    About us
    MoneyAadhaar.com is a company with deep passion for personal finance, building products that will benefit the community and products that we ourselves love to use and reap benefit from.